3 Redstarts

Liam&Kilian Hampl

Sorry for the late post! Today we went to the Islay Crk. Campground, and saw all previously reported species (Hermit and Townsend's warbler, both Redstarts (imm. Male, Ad. Male). Many birders were present. On the way back, in the pines just before campsite 30, there was a flock of birds, most notably TWO ADULT MALE AMERICAN REDSTARTS (one previously reported). The immature male wasn't present. I then went back to the back of the campground to alert any remaining birders, and when I got back, both Redstarts and most of the flock were gone.

Another notable bird(s) were two Olive-Sided Flycatcher mobbing a Great-Horned Owl, before pines at campsite 30.

eBird Checklist: https://ebird.org/checklist/S73156260 

Good Birding,
Kilian Hampl
Grover Beach

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