Hybrid Aechmophorus grebes; Clark's x Western

Mike Bush

Hi All - 

Seeing great photos coming from the breeding grebes at Santa Margarita Lake, I made the journey from Los Osos on Thursday and Friday early mornings and was NOT disappointed! The floating nests are as close as 30'-50' feet from shore, and there were noticeable activities as well as chicks.

While there was much camaraderie among old pals and new bird-friends, there was not much discussion in my presence regarding hybrid grebes - in fact Clark's Grebe was only separated from Western Grebes in 1985. Apparently however, the two species may interbreed, although rather rare. In reviewing my photos from Friday, I can clearly see a Clark's and a Western tending the same chicks.

Photos HERE

Mike Bush
Los Osos, California

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