Re: Pied billed grebe nest on the Bob Jones Trail

Victoria Morrow

Hi Lynne,

I appreciate the concern you express and my love of birds ensures that I would never endanger them. I understand why we sometimes decline to specify the locations of nests in order to avoid disturbing birds. In this case, the location is one I am intimately familiar with, one where the grebes nest successfully every year (barring interference from storms or helicopters). This is an extremely well-used two lane road filled with people, bikes, and golf carts every day. Visiting birders constitute a very small blip in the population of the trail. To withhold information on the location of this nest would be unnecessarily stingy relative to my fellow bird lovers.

Vicki Morrow

On Jul 19, 2020, at 12:23 PM, Lynne Breakstone <breakstonelynne@...> wrote:

Unfortunately, telling exactly where a nest attracts way too many people, and often causes the birds to abandon the nest. Please, in the future don’t send out this kind of information to great numbers of people. Lynne Breakstone
On Jul 19, 2020, at 11:16 AM, Victoria Morrow <vmorrow@...> wrote:
A pied billed grebe pair has successfully hatched a clutch of at least three chicks, notable because their prior nest was blown apart by a helicopter scooping water from the creek to fight the recent Avila Fire. Obviously I am not certain this is the same pair, but this nest appeared a few days after the helicopter incident and in precisely the same location.
The nest is readily visible from the trail. It is located downstream from the weir, upstream from the memorial bench about 60 yards. It is on the far side of the creek in the reeds but totally visible.
Vicki Morrow

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