Wilson's Phalarope and Purple Martin at Atascadero Sewage Ponds

Kevin Zimmer

Yesterday (July 17), I birded the Atascadero Sewage Ponds from the trail that wraps around the back (east) side of the fence.  There was not much evidence of migrants, but I did photograph a single Wilson’s Phalarope.  There were large numbers of swallows (mostly Cliff and Tree, with a couple of Violet-greens and Northern Rough-wingeds), including 1 adult male Purple Martin.  I was watching closely for Vaux’s Swifts, but saw none, although there were at least 10–12 White-throated Swifts feeding over the ponds.  I photographed several of the White-throated Swifts, and all were in fairly heavy wing molt.

Lots of family groups of Ash-throated Flycatchers, Western Kingbirds, Western Bluebirds and several individual Black Phoebes were sallying out from the fence line on the back side of the ponds.  I also photographed a Green Heron flying over the ponds.  Waterfowl seen were 50+ Canada Geese, 40+ Wood Ducks, 100+ Mallards, and 6 Cinnamon Teal.  The only other shorebirds (besides the 1 Wilson’s Phalarope) seen were Killdeer.

Kevin Zimmer

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