Help with Black Phoebe nest?

Rubba Johanna

Hi, this is rather strange and I hope the site admin doesn't mind. 

A pair of black phoebes have made a nest at a friend’s house. They have successfully raised one clutch, and now have a second set of 2 chicks. Today I checked the nest and there was an adult’s tail sticking out of it, not moving. Two babies were there, peeping and begging. I came back over an hour later, and the tail was still there. I touched it lightly with a long stick, and it didn't move. I think there is a dead adult in the nest. The other phoebe continues to feed the chicks, but I don’t know if it can deliver enough food. And I don’t know if the dead bird will make it hard for the babies to continue in the nest.


I called Pacific Wildlife. They’re closed today, and I don’t know if they’ll be open tomorrow. I left a message and hope they’ll call. Can anybody recommend a course of action? Or do we just let nature take its course?

Johanna Rubba

Grover Beach


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