Dozer, the Long-billed Curlew, on Facebook

petra schaaf

The Intermountain Bird Observatory in Idaho just updated their Facebook page to add Dozer's recent stop-over at Morro Strand State Beach. (Unfortunately I have not seen Dozer again or Neil, the other banded Long-billed Curlew male from Idaho.)

Heather Hayes, one of the research biologists, encourages those who are interested to join in on keeping up with the flock through their Facebook page as a "Like" and a "Share" has helped them spread the awareness of the curlew decline far and wide!! 

Petra Clayton,
Los Osos, CA

Facebook text:


Can you guess what coastal Morro Bay, CA and Idaho’s West Central Mountains have in common? Two of the Curlew Crew’s newest members to the study flock- curlews Neil (LV) from New Meadows and Dozer (MV) from Indian Valley, that's what!!

If you recall from our post last week, these 2 males began their southbound migration a bit early, as males usually stick around ‘til mid-June to early July. The satellite transmitter data indicated that Neil was near Modesto, CA and Dozer was outside of Reno, NV. Within a few short days, the next transmissions from both birds were pinging from the Morro Bay area. This is extremely exciting as these are the very first curlews from any of our breeding research study sites to migrate directly to Coastal California to overwinter 😲!

So why is this new research discovery so important? Because as we piece the migratory connectivity puzzle together, we can work toward ensuring conservation measures are in place to protect the habitats and resources curlews need along their migratory routes throughout their entire annual life cycle.

A big, BIG thank you to our partner Payette Children's Forest whose funding made this research possible in the West Central Mountains👍

Enjoy this fantastic video that was sent to us from an amatuer birder visiting Morro Bay just days after Dozer's arrival! She captured him doing what his namesake implies, as he nestles into the sand for a snooze~ doesn't that sound good right about now?!

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