Indigo Bunting; no YT Warbler, no Hooded Warbler.

Rubba Johanna

Investigated Los Osos Community Park around 8:30 this morning and again around 2 pm. No sign of the Yellow-Throated Warbler in any of the perimeter vegetation. Zoomed over to Quintana Rd. and visited with the Indigo Bunting, who was very bright blue in the afternoon sun. But he quickly vanished and stopped singing, though I hung around for another half hour.

Along the way, heard and then spotted two Red-tailed Hawks calling and soaring around each other over the State Park Golf Course.

Checked out the Turri ponds on the way back and saw only a Killdeer.

Gave Pacific Beach High School a try for the Hooded Warbler, but all was quiet. I heard an American Robin singing in the neighborhood behind the school.

Not much of a birding day, but it was nice to get out in the sunshine and breeze.

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach

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