Indigo Bunting and Phalaropes 5/22

Rubba Johanna

Just another Indigo Bunting report! Same location on Quintana Rd., lots of perching and singing. At one point, he descended into the roadside weeds, and his magnificent blueness was manifest! Lighter and brighter than when on wires. I was there both morning and late afternoon.

Stopped at Turri Rd. on my way home. Pond nearest So. Bay Blvd. showed ten phalaropes. Unfortunately, I didn't have my scope, so I couldn't nail down their markings, but they looked more like Wilsons' than Red-necked. Dark stripe all the way up the neck. But that's just a guess. I hope they're still there and someone can ID them definitively for us.

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach


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