Pismo State campground

Rubba Johanna

Walked the Grover Beach boardwalk and Pismo campground yesterday. Along the boardwalk were half a dozen or so Great-tailed Grackles. In the campground, I inadvertently flushed a Eurasian Collared Dover from her nest in a bush next to a bathroom. I saw four Western Bluebirds in various places, and one Titmouse. There was a nest under the timbers of the bathroom nearest the butterfly grove. My approach scared the parent away, and I could not see any babies, so I don't know what kind of bird built the nest. I heard Cliff Swallows up above. The nest was mud with a straw "crown."

I noticed in the sky a large, hawk-like bird, with the wingtip feathers spread apart like fingers. The head looked golden or reddish; it was uniformly dark beneath, including the tail. It looked too small to be a Golden Eagle, and lacked white spots on the underside of the wings, but its call sounded like my Audubon app's recording of the Golden Eagle. Pismo seems an unlikely place to see a Golden Eagle. What say you? There was a second bird and they seemed to be together.

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