Minor Morning Migrant Movement

Brad Schram

Morning flight numbers of spring migrants have tapered off from last week's excitement, but visible movement is still "a thing".  CEDAR WAXWINGS have been going by for the past month in modest numbers, with flocks being more frequent the past week.  Today's total of waxwings (6:15-9AM) moving up Deer Canyon, 272, is not especially large by historic standards, but it is the most waxwings I've seen in a morning this year thus far.

WESTERN TANAGER numbers have likewise tapered off, with only 2 this morning, 4 yesterday.  BAND-TAILED PIGEON numbers have plummeted, only one this morning.  The last two days had one VAUX'S SWIFT each morning, none today.  A WESTERN WOOD PEWEE this morning was the FOS for the house this year.

A brief 'scope moon-watch about 10pm last night showed a thrush-shape move across the disc northward.  A SWAINSON'S THRUSH or two has been in oaks below the house for the past few days.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande

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