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  Hi there, most likely it was a Franklin’s Gull. They will travel with the coastal northbound migrants, specifically at this time of year. Sabine’s Gulls do not move with other gulls, they are more likely to be associated with Arctic Terns actually, and would be offshore. I am assuming you eliminated Bonaparte’s Gull, given you mention it as being “large” although Franklin’s and Sabine’s are marginally larger than Bonaparte’s.

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Morning coffee break...


The Santa Lucia winds have been rather strong this week and come midmorning there is a lull as they shift to the familiar offshore northwesterly's. When this occurs the gull push begins. Yesterday, posted up on observations, a quarter mile distant from the shore a large hooded gull species was spotted traveling with a group of California gulls. They dipped below eye level quickly and I could not positively ID the species. I thought perhaps Sabine's but cannot say the striking mantle pattern stood out. Oh well, another ???


Today a Black-necked Stilt was present on the shore near Post #4.


Bob Chapman

Oceano Dunes


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