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Dawn Beattie

I guess I should chime in, although a bit late to the game.  Yesterday, late afternoon, I saw 11 WHITE-FACED IBIS flying together over the Cloisters North pond (that only exposes itself after a rain).  I posted my sighting along with a number of pictures on eBird

Dawn Beattie
Morro Bay

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Another Ibis-     A White-faced Ibis was feeding in the farmer’s pond near the intersection of Monte Cristo and Hwy 1 this morning. This is just north of  Hwy 46. intersection.  Seen from highway before I turned onto the dirt road for a better view.

Kaaren Perry

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Went to the Elfin Forest Lupine Point overlook, looking for any rare plovers that were seen earlier in the day at Cuesta Inlet. No plovers but the continuing WHITE-FACED IBIS was in the mud flats right below the overlook. 

Mike Stiles
Los Osos


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