Meadow Park, SLO - Migrants

Steve McMasters

Echoing the other postings regarding a pulse of migrants moving through the area...a quick walk during lunch in Meadow Park revealed large groups of migrants - tanagers, orioles, grosbeaks, warblers.  The most common bird seen (migrants and residents) was Western tanagers.  While I did not try a formal count...dozens would be a reasonable assumption.  There were especially concentrated and active in the area of the bottlebrush trees (along with lots of orioles).  At one point I had 8 tanagers in the same binocular view at the top of one of the sycamore trees.  They are expected migrants and numerous right now obviously, but any day that I have 8 Western tanagers in breeding plumage in one view is a very good day!

Steven McMasters
San Luis Obispo

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