Good migrant day in Atascadero (4/16)

Kevin Zimmer

Today (Thursday, April 16) got off to a slow start in north Atascadero from a migration standpoint, but it picked up markedly as the day wore on.  I haven’t done my notes and tallied my daily list yet, but I’m guessing that I may have topped 60 species for the day in/from our yard.

Notable FOS arrivals for our yard today included the following:

1.  Male Black-chinned Hummingbird photographed at the feeders (present all morning, but not seen in the afternoon).

2.  Western Tanager  -  3 males dropped into the oaks in our front yard as a group, sat there for 5 minutes, and then took off to the north.  Minutes later, another male flew in and spent several minutes investigating our garden, including attempting to nectar at one of our oriole feeders (I couldn’t tell if he was successful.).

3.  Lazuli Bunting  -  1 male that dropped out of the sky into our Fig Tree in the late afternoon, sat there long enough for me to fire off a bunch of photos, and then disappeared.

4.  Costa’s Hummingbird  -  1 female that fed at one of the feeders in the front yard late this afternoon, then perched briefly in the Fig Tree for a minute or so before flying off.

5.  Calliope Hummingbird -  1 male that showed up at the feeders at about 6:15 p.m., making several prolonged feeding sessions and allowing great photographs before fading light forced me to stop.  This was not my FOS, but the male and female that I posted about over a week ago disappeared after the first day, and I’ve had no other Calliopes in the intervening period before this afternoon.

In addition to the above, late afternoon produced flocks of 19, 6, and 12 Cedar Waxwings flying over, and a group of 30+ that landed in the oaks in the backyard.

We still have at least 3 Pine Siskins lingering at the feeders, and, although our Zonotrichia flock has dwindled to perhaps 20% of what was here just last week, all three species (White-throated, White-crowned and Golden-crowned) were still present as of this morning.

Finally, most noteworthy of all, I should note that last Sunday (April 12), I photographed a Hammond’s Flycatcher in the yard — a first for the yard list, which dates back to 1988!

Kevin Zimmer

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