Nashville Warbler - San Luis Obispo

Steve McMasters

A benefit of working from home is that I now have a better appreciation for the bird activity in my front yard.  Today, in the consistent drizzle, I had a beautiful adult male NASHVILLE WARBLER appear and work its way through the yard in the loose company of an ORANGE CROWNED WARBLER.  The Nashville was yellow underneath, olive green back with a distinct gray head and bright white eyering.  The chestnut crown was clearly visible (a first for me).  Strangely, the Nashville was chased repeatedly by the aggressive Rufous hummingbirds in the yard.  This is the only non-hummingbird I have seen the Rufous pay any attention to despite many of the usual avian species (House finish, WC and GC sparrow, YR warblers, munia, etc.) present constantly and ignored by the Rufous hummers.

Steven McMasters
San Luis Obispo, CA

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