Oceano lake/lagoon area 4/2irs

Rubba Johanna

Birded the Oceano lake on the south side of Pier Ave., then checked out Norswing & Coolidge street-side trees and vegetation.

Norswing & Coolidge
Birds seen:
Common Yellowthroat
Song Sparrow
Yellow-rumped warbler in breeding plumage
Southwestern YR warbler in breeding plumage*
RC Kinglet
Pied-billed Grebe

*This bird had a bright yellow throat, large, solid black patches on the chest (not streaked), yellow along the shoulder, more white in the wings than our local type, broken black streaks in the underparts. The tail was notched, from underneath the tip was black but the remainder white. I did not catch sight of the back, crown or rump. It was fluttering among the trees around the entrance to the lagoon path.

Birds heard:
Purple Finch
Red-shouldered Hawk
Yellow Warbler
Chestnut-backed Chickadee
Marsh Wren

Birds at the lake:
Snow goose continuing
Many Great-tailed Grackles, male and female
Double-crested Cormorant, proudly displaying his white "ear" feathers
Male Ruddy Duck in breeding plumage

There was another lump of white nestled on a hump of reed roots. It was large, maybe larger than the Snow Goose, so perhaps some domestic goose. But its head was tucked in and coots were sitting behind it, blocking a better view.

I forgot to report a sighting from last Saturday, when I walked the Grover Beach boardwalk and the Pismo campground next to the butterfly grove. There were ponds and streamlets in the campground as a result of the recent rains. One largish pond hosted eight Cinnamon teal, 6 male and 2 female.

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach

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