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I thought that might be the case (Starlings) as I live in AG and for the first time ever, I had a Starling in my yard today. I guess they are moving in.

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A friend in the Los Berros Rd @101 neighborhood in Nipomo (Rim Rock Rd)  is having large group of 35-45 Grackles daily trying to establish a nesting area in her eaves. She says they are new to her yard/small acerage. They have burrowed into the top sill plate (?) under the eaves (where screened vent holes usually are placed) to create large holes and are carrying in nesting materials. Can anyone comment on this behavior, and possible remedies. thanks  

****EDIT: Starlings it is. Thanks to all who graciously replied to my query. A learning experience. 

Had my FOS Wilson's Warbler yesterday, and twice this week in early afternoon when sun is out, I've had a single swift working the air above my lot. maybe 200 ft up. white undersides, so possible White Throated Swift. I did not have bins on it, but the white was quite bright. My winter visitor Townsends Warblers left a week ago, but today one showed up for bathing, just passing through? I heard a Pac Slope Flycatcher call several  ascending "heads up" calls high in a euc  grove, but not down into the yard yet.
Spring is here!

TAKE CARE everyone and have fun birding your patch.  
Sue Girard --Nipomo westside

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