FOS Wilson's Warbler and Black-headed Grosbeak in Atascadero on 3/21

Kevin Zimmer

This morning, we had a male Wilson’s Warbler (my FOS) drop into our pond to drink. In the last hour, we’ve had 2 visits at our feeders from our FOS Black-headed Grosbeak (also a male). Rufous Hummingbird numbers have been building at our feeders, lending hope that this year’s hummingbird show might eclipse the rather weak springs of the last two years. Both male and female Hooded Orioles have been attending our feeders since the male first showed on March 2, and male Bullock’s have been coming in for the past 24 hours, after a complete absence dating back to the first one on or around March 7-8. Two Pacific-slope Flycatchers heard (but none yet seen) during the course of a 3-mile walk around the neighborhood yesterday.

The only other bird of note was a Common Raven flying over our house that I photographed yesterday – it was coming from the Coast Range (which, basically, starts across the street from our property) and flying inland towards the 101 Freeway, calling as it went. I only occasionally see ravens from our property.

Stay well everyone!

Kevin Zimmer

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