Re: Geese and Snipe!

Kaaren Perry

Just to clarify my previous post.  Referencing the status and distribution booklet “The Birds of San Luis Obispo County” - Canada Geese are  considered uncommon, usually occurring  in appropriate habitat in moderate to small numbers in winter in SLO County. 

Ross’s and Snow geese are considered rare - expected in appropriate habitats in winter, but in very small numbers

On Feb 25, 2020, at 8:15 PM, Mary Watt <mlwatt2001@...> wrote:

We have been seeing about a dozen Canada Geese in the estuary area along South Bay Blvd., just south of State Park Road for a week now. We don’t recall seeing any there in the past.

As beautiful as they are, we hope they don’t decide to stay here year around. The San Francisco Bay Area, as well as other parts of the State, have been seriously overrun and negatively impacted by year around Canada Geese.  Large lawn areas (public and private, often irrigated with reclaimed water) have provided very welcome housing for them. Some cities have needed to resort to mitigation efforts, especially at athletic fields, airports, etc.  They can produce up to three pounds of poop per day!

Here’s hoping the SLO County visitors don’t stay too long...

Mary Watt
Morro Bay

On Feb 25, 2020, at 6:35 PM, Kaaren Perry <surfbird1@...> wrote:

This afternoon, following a tip  from my friend Vicky Johnsen that there were a few interesting geese nearby, I headed to the “little pond/puddle’ on Foothill Rd just before the intersection of Los Osos Valley Rd in San Luis Obispo.  

Sure enough! Along with 16 Canada Geese there were two adult Ross’s Geese and one immature Snow Goose grazing in the field.  While they are plentiful in other parts of the state it is always a treat to find them in SLO County. (photos up on flickr)

In a near by puddle there were 5 (!) Wilson’s Snipe.  Talk about a treat!

Seen at 5:30.  Nice way to enjoy the sunset hour. 

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