Rte. 1 north

Rubba Johanna

Fri., Jan. 10

Ventured up to the elephant seal rookery in search of Emperor Geese. No luck. There was, however, a GLAUCOUS GULL resting on the beach. Viewable from the end of the walkway to the left of the rookery parking lot.

I stopped at every pullout between the rookery and San Simeon Creek; checked also Morro Strand, the vicinity of Lila Keiser Park, and the MB SP Marina. No Emperors.

Other birds seen:
-Northern Harrier     along the coast
-5 Western Grebes   from San Simeon pier
-24 Surf Scoters           "           "
-2 Long-billed Curlew   San Simeon State Beach (at pier)
-10 Marbled Godwits       "        "

Johanna Rubba
Grover Beach

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