2019 Arroyo Grande 5MR Results

Brad Schram

I've written some observations about my 2019 Five-mile Radius local birding, about 2500 words including a list of birds I expected to see contrasted with the list of birds I actually did see.  If you have insomnia and would like to receive a copy by return email, just let me know and I'll send you a Word document by email.

I was often alerted to the presence of local rarities by San Luis Obispo County birders, and I thank you all for sharing your information in a timely manner, and for your interest in my 5MR project. 

Here's the Reader's Digest version summarizing my birding within five miles of the house last year:

·       Number of days birding in the 5MR:  194, probably averaging two and a half hours a day when birding;

·       Gallons of gasoline consumed in the 194 days: about two (I drove the 5MR in my Chevy Volt, averaging about 28 miles a day when birding away from Deer Canyon.  The Volt is nuclear-powered thanks to Diablo Canyon, with an effective electric range of 36 miles.);

·       Number of species seen: 224 (I set par at 221 in January 2019);

·       Number of target list species missed:  19;

·       Number of species seen not on the target list:  22;

·       Number of species represented by only one individual seen:  34;

·       Number of species reported by others within the 5MR but missed: 4 (Red-necked Grebe, Franklin’s Gull, Black-legged Kittiwake, and Nashville Warbler);

·       Number of species heard only: 1 (Western Screech Owl).

Brad Schram

Arroyo Grande

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