Re: Backyard Lincoln's Sparrow

Chris Van Beveren

"Our" Lincoln's Sparrow has made several appearances the last couple of weeks, both at his usual feeder in the back yard and once he surprised us at the front yard feeder where he has to elbow his way in past many White-crowned Sparrows.

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On Wednesday, November 27, 2019, 11:27:30 AM PST, Cheryl Lish <cdlsueno@...> wrote:

Yesterday 11/26/19 I got a couple of brief glimpses (in poor lighting) of a small sparrow at one of my birdbaths.  Brad Schram was able to come by long enough to see it and confirmed a Lincoln's Sparrow...which of course he knew instantly.
I'm so fortunate that Brad lives only a couple of miles away and is always interested in unusual birds.  Thanks Brad  :)
I also got a good look but would have had to look it up since I haven't seen a LISP in about 20 years!  
Update on the late hummingbirds... The Black-chinned was last seen on Friday 11/22 and the Costa's was last seen on Saturday 11/23.
Cheryl Lish, Arroyo Grande 

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