speaking of unusual birds...

Chris Van Beveren

At our feeder, we have twice seen one female House Sparrow with an irregular bunch of white feathers growing on top of her brown head. We have one beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler who distains the seed feeder but loves the suet, giving us long leisurely study of his field marks while he eats. We have one Townsend's Warbler who often jumps down from the junipers to have a bite to eat, and one Lincoln's Sparrow that favors the feeder in the back yard but once in a while come to the front yard. We are convinced that these singletons of their species are the same bird visiting over and over, thus we think of them as "our" birds. Along with "our" pair of Nuttall's Woodpeckers.

During the Shorebird Survey last Saturday, we scoped and counted hundreds of Black-bellied Plovers and Least Sandpipers from Siena's View. We had to ignore the ducks which are not counted in this survey, but it was tough when a pair of Pintailed Ducks serenely paraded the main channel, long necks held high like royalty among the Mallards and teals. My fellow counters who have not spent many winters among us were dazzled.

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