Palm Warbler at Morro Creek

marlin harms

The Palm Warbler was difficult to find at first this morning as Jeanette Stone and Claudia and I looked around the creek mouth and upstream from the bridge. It was found by an out-of-state birder down the dirt road south about 100 yards, on the cable separating sidewalk from beach vegetation and the sidewalk itself. By the time I walked that way a truck had scared it up. After looking about 20 min., I found it right where he had seen it, along the sidewalk and on the cable.  But another vehicle scared it up, this time flying to the creek.  We had looks on the west side of the bridge and briefly on the upstream side, mostly in the weedy vegetation. It seemed much more mobile and skittish than other Palm Warblers I have seen.

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA

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