Bob Chapman

Excited about the recent flurry of bird activity I took a late afternoon cruise of Oceano Dunes.

While nothing interesting gull wise there were 4 Sterna terns lounging at Post 1. Deep blood red bills, short little legs. Arctics. I drove down the shore and back up. The terns were gone. Back down to Post 6, looking into the exclosures, I could see 4 terns distant. I assumed these were the same as earlier and had relocated.

Back at Post 1 . Now there was a lone tern, short legs, blood red bill.

It is hard to imagine there could be 4-5 Arctic Terns ashore but that is what I sumize. In 3 seasons prior while looking intently at every tern I never confirmed an Arctic.

I saw another Arctic at Cayucos yesterday so I'm feeling good about the ID.

I have photos.

Bob Chapman
Oceano Dunes

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