Some Phalarope musing

David L. Keeling

Hi all,

Tom's post about the Red-necked Phalarope at Cayucos Creek mouth made me want to add a bit.   Yes, there is one breeding plumaged individual at Cayucos Creek.   There are many others both there and at Morro Bay State Park campground at the small puddle beachwear from the more northerly campground restroom.   They've been seen at numerous other places too.

I encourage folks to take the time to visit them.   They are totally entertaining.   Some photo advice:
1)  Early morning light is GREAT for both of the two places I watched them.
2)  A plastic shopping bag is great for sitting on damp sand.
3)  The birds become oblivious to your presence really quickly.   They will come right up to you.
4)   Knee level gives a nice angle and retains reflection potential.
5)  Watch your exposure, it's easy to "blow out" the white.
6)  Take WAY more images than normal.   The discard percentage is VERY high.

I've posted a few on my FLICKR site.

Dave Keeling
Morro Bay

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