Re: Unusual vulture


I saw the same thing in my yard in AG. He or she was in a pack of 9 TUVUs.  
See attached pictures.

On Jun 1, 2019, at 10:07 AM, William Bouton <boutonbill@...> wrote:

Yesterday, while driving toward SLO Town on Highway 227 about a mile out of Arroyo Grande, I came upon 8 or 10 vultures at a roadkill. They flushed as I neared them but one was most unusual, in my experience. What puzzled me was that it seemed to have a white ruff, similar to that of an Andean Condor. But the bird was small (Turkey Vulture sized), not huge like a condor. I turned around, and again approached the birds, which had returned to breakfast. I had no optics at hand, but I was close enough to see the mostly-white ruff (with a few scattered black feathers interspersed), and to confirm that it was a dark-headed Turkey Vulture. My observation was rushed due to oncoming traffic causing me to have to move to safety.

Bill Bouton
San Luis Obispo, CA

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