Re: Follow up to Tom Slater's email re: Oso Flaco Lake Development plans

Michael Schaefer

Thanks Tom
I wrote my comments stating I was against either concept for Oso Flaco
We cannot allow this site to become another staging area for ORV’s
I think it is time to organize 

Mike Schaefer

On Feb 25, 2019, at 2:22 PM, Bluebird Trail via Groups.Io <Nyjes@...> wrote:

Thanks Tom for forwarding this to the slocobirding community. My comments are directed to the slocobirding community. If you value Oso Flaco Lake and the surrounding habitat and canopy of trees and want to try to protect it, PLEASE take a moment and view the proposed concepts for the increased vehicular sand traffic/camping traffic at that location and submit comments.  (Refer to Tom's email for all the links) 

While I reserve my own comments on these plans in general (I'm writing with great restraint), I think Concept 1 (A) is the lesser of two really bad ideas. It looks like from Concept 1 (A) the increased vehicular traffic would be diverted to the NE side of the lake habitat so foot traffic could still be unimpeded along the maintenance road under that canopy of trees. This area is an oasis and is critical for migratory wildlife in
the midst of all the ag fields. I don't believe any mention has been made to the negative impact the proposed sizable vehicular traffic, noise, 
air pollution will have on this corridor. I have no idea if our comments will have any impact on the final outcome but I should think comments 
from the birder/wildlife viewing community at large should carry some weight to their final decision. At least I can hope.

Tom's email provides the link to submit electronic comments.  The comment period is through March 5.

Jeri Edwards

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