AG Kingbirds

Brad Schram

I started checking Arroyo Grande Creek in AG Village just before Thanksgiving, looking for the annual winter flock of CASSIN'S KINGBIRDS gathering to feed on the ivy berries.  Starting that week with a grand total of one Cassin's, and checking sporadically, the biggest number I could come up with, through last weekend, was two (2) Cassin's.  I'd about resigned myself to a sub-par winter for them here.

This morning the kingbird flock had built notably, undoubtedly in concert with the ripening of the berries.  Today, simultaneously in two adjacent trees, I counted twenty-four Cassin's.  It looks like it will be situation normal along the creek this winter.

Other wintering birds included the usual American Robins (in low numbers), Yellow-rumped Warblers (low numbers), and an increase of American Goldfinches feeding on Sycamore seeds.  No Cedar Waxwings were seen this morning, although starling numbers are building along with the berry ripening.

Brad Schram
Arroyo Grande

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