Estero Bluffs at high tide

marlin harms

After being tired of feeling lethargic from a virus-turned-minor infection this week, I took a short walk at Estero Bluffs this morning coinciding with the high tide. I walked mostly the cove down from the fig tree. What a scene! The very high tide was accentuated by this week's high surf and had the shorebirds perched on near-shore rocks for refuge. At the south end of the cove several rocks had oystercatchers and turnstones waiting it out, on four of those rocks a total of 34 oystercatchers, which I would assume was a pow-wow of all the oystercatchers for miles of coastline. There were 2 Ruddy Turnstones among the more numerous Blacks. In my short survey, Surfbirds were conspicuous in their absence. Further north in the cove, the two Harlequin Ducks were in the water as I walked north, though not visible on my return walk, as if they had found some shaded rock to perch on.

Marlin Harms

Morro Bay

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