Victoria Morrow

P.S.  Should anyone be concerned about the disclosure of the owl location, be aware that this little bird has chosen a highly trafficked area with a nifty perch that is visible but is hard to get to.  Were that not so, I would not have repeated the share.  I had to forego many shots because of the people passing just behind and below the bird with their bright T-shirts and shorts.

Vicki Morrow

On Dec 18, 2018, at 9:14 AM, Victoria Morrow <vmorrow@...> wrote:

Hi Mitch,

Thanks so much for your first rate description.  I went to that spot this morning and after having no luck from the beach, I walked back up the steps to the street, stopped by the little trees and looked down from above.  Bingo!  Perched there close by was the little gem.  It was in shadow but clearly visible when I arrived about 8:20 and soon after the sun arrived and lit it up.


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Yesterday around noon, there was an adult burrowing owl perched among a spindly group of young tobacco trees growing on the bluff at the western terminus of Wadsworth street in Pismo Beach. It flew down and perched in front of a small crevice/pot hole  under a chunk of concrete below the trees. It was approximately 40 feet from the public restroom facility and about 3/4 of the way up the slope from the beach sand below.

Mitch Siemens
Arroyo Grande

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