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marlin harms

It's a hole-in-the-fence pullout on the ocean side of Highway One about (very approximately) 1/2 mile north of the bridge at Arroyo de la Cruz.--Marlin

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Marlin.  I'm really unclear on exactly where Pt. Sierra Nevada Beach is in terms of mileage north of a landmark.  Could/would you help me out?  Thanks.

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After having missed this bird earlier I tried again today.  Kaaren Perry and Maggie Smith were already looking when I got there and we walked the entire beach without seeing the bird.  While I continued south, they walked back over the same beach and found the bird, but by the time I got there they had lost it.  Together we could not re-find it, but after they left I did find it, in about the middle of the beach.  After I had watched it a while, something startled the shorebirds and the golden-plover flew into the dunes. Its alternate plumage is coming in nicely.  I posted a couple distant photos at

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