Pine Siskin - Morro Bay

Kaaren Perry

Since very early last November I have had numerous Pine Siskin (15+) in our yard at any given time, at the niger feeder, in the bird bath and singing and calling from nearby trees.  
I was away from home over the weekend and upon returning Sunday afternoon have seen only one PISI since as it made a brief stop at our bird bath yesterday afternoon, 3/5. They all appear to have moved out. 

Has anyone else noticed in their area that the PISI status has changed recently?  Seems early for breeding migration movement but maybe with the time frame? The Lesser Goldfinch are also fewer in number. 

Today I noticed more Yellow-rumped Warblers. I had only seen two distinct plumaged males during the winter and this morning there were 4 male and 4 streaky female type seen flitting in the bushes. 

On the move!

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