Heermann's etc., Cayucos

marlin harms

Until I saw Kaaren't note I thought I had a good number of juvenile Heermann's Gulls on the rocks at the north end of the Cayucos beach this morning--10.  On one of those rocks close to shore was the Harlequin Duck that has been summering there.

After the fog began to lift I walked out the Cayucos Pier and there was a feeding frenzy of birds and 3 humpback whales a ways offshore.  The high point was when one of the whales surfaced very near the end of the pier.  Photo at: www.flickr.com/photos/marlinharms

Last night Connie and I saw the thousands of shearwaters fairly far offshore from Cayucos that Tom reported a week or so ago.  I also saw them a couple evenings last week, but not in the morning.  There was also a very worn Red-throated Loon near the pier last night.

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA

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