Western X Clark's Grebe, Whale Rock Reservoir, 5/19

Tom Edell

I returned to Whale Rock Reservoir this morning hoping to see progress on the Western x Clark’s nesting I observed on 1 May. No adult at the nest, but a Western and Clark’s seen swimming together had one chick.  I first saw the pair swimming together with the chick on the Clark’s Grebe back, but a while later the chick switched over to the Western Grebe’s back. As I mentioned previously, I saw a Clark’s and Western Grebe copulate at the reservoir many years ago. It’ll be interesting to see what this chick looks like when full grown.


There were also two Clark’s Grebe pairs with young chicks on the back of one adult, one with two and the other with three chicks. Two very young American Coot chicks were also seen today. I did not hear or see a Yellow-breasted Chat or any rails this morning.


Heavily cropped photos of the pair and presumed hybrid chick are on the checklist linked below.




Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA


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