Yellow-green Vireo at Oceano Campground

Kevin Zimmer

The Yellow-green Vireo found by Roger and Ruth Zachary was still at Oceano Campground as of 3:10 p.m.

I saw the 2 posted messages at 1:15, hopped in the car, made it to the campground by 2:00 p.m., and by 2:15 I was looking at the bird. The vireo was not associating with a flock during the ca. 1 hour that I was tracking it, which mades it easy to overlook. It was foraging mostly in a couple of bushy oaks near a huge prostrate pine near the tip of the peninsula (there is a bench just west of the big pine), not far north of the bat boxes. The bird was generally confiding, allowing close approach, but tended to forage in the shaded and somewhat tangled interior of the trees, making it difficult to photograph. I heard no vocalizations during my time with the bird. Also, on 3 occasions, the vireo managed to just vanish from a tree that it was methodically working for several minutes, and each time, it took me several minutes to relocate it in another tree.

I did get several decent photos — not sure if Roger and Ruth photographed it or not. Thanks to them for finding this good bird (a county bird for me — I was in Brazil when the last one was found a few years ago) and for getting the word out!

The campground was pretty quiet while I was there, although it was pretty much a surgical strike on the vireo for me. I did see an Empid that was pretty clearly a “Western” (Pac-slope/Cordilleran) type, and there was a small flock with a few Townsend’s and Yellow warblers — all on the Peninsula as well.

Kevin Zimmer

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