Oso Flaco Lake

marlin harms

Several of us (Jack & Petra Clayton, Don Quintana and I) saw at least two juvenile and one adult Least Bittern this morning. The juveniles were close to the bridge but still difficult to see through the vegetation.  I saw six Least Terns at a distance flying over the lake.  Don and I also saw an adult Green Heron fly toward the lake as we approached, but never did see it while we were at the lake.  Of interest was the courting behavior of a pair of Cinammon Teal.

From last week, I saw a first spring male Blue Grosbeak singing at Chorro Flats off Quintana Blvd. in south Morro Bay on May 14.  The same place and same day an adult White-tailed Kite was hunting.

I posted one photo of each an adult and juvenile Least Bittern: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marlinharms

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA

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