White-throated Sparrow et al in Paso Robles

Jessica Griffiths

Was birding along the Centennial Trail in Paso Robles this morning (for work) and spotted a White-throated Sparrow. It was the part of the trail that is roughly adjacent to Rainbow Ct if you look at Google Maps. Some wooden steps come down from a backyard to the trail at the spot where I saw the bird.  It was in the oaks and flew into the backyard with the white roses.

Also at that same spot I saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler and a Cassin's Vireo foraging in the oaks.

Lots of breeding bird activity along the trail: 2 Northern Mockingbird nests, an Oak Titmouse nest, California Towhees and Bushtits feeding fledglings, and Violet-green Swallows "apartment shopping".

-Jessica Griffiths

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