oriole conundrum continued

marlin harms

I hadn't looked at my oriole photos from Los Osos today until after I read Bill Bouton's note.  I too have a photo of what I had thought (at  the time) was a female Orchard which has a few black feathers on its throat.  I reiterate Bill's wondering if this is an immature male.  To complicate matters I also have a photo from Dec. 23 of an oriole which was regrettably in uneven light--shadows make some parts appear a little darker than they would appear otherwise.  However despite the shadows there seem to be some dark feathers at chin, throat and lores.
I did not see that bird today that I know of.  I'm curious if that is an immature male Orchard also.  If you know this species, please enlighten.

Marlin Harms
Morro Bay, CA 

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