Arroyo Grande Creek, Oceano; Tennessee warbler!



The birding gods are smiling at me these last couple of days.   After seeing nothing but the expected species this morning at Oceano Lagoon, I left and was on my way to try and see the White-throated sparrow at Oso Flaco. While in route, I changed my mind and decided instead to bird a new location and check out Arroyo Grande Creek in Oceano between Highway 1 and the Oceano airfield. I was rewarded with my first sighting of a TENNESSEE WARBLER (seen while walking the Flood Control road about a quarter mile west of the 22nd street bridge over the creek) ! At the same time, the CLAY-COLORED SPARROW continues in my backyard, feeding on the lawn as I type this message.


Mitch Siemens
Arroyo Grande

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