Pismo Creek Saturday 12-07 Several Redheads

Thomas Slater

After the rains, and sleeping in a little, I went out to Avila Creek. There were several COMMON GOLDENEYE and BUFFLEHEAD, both male and female. I found a couple COMMON LOON out amongst the grebes and scoters, and one OSPREY on the usual pole by the playground.

Then I headed back to Pismo Creek. There were plenty of ducks. The highlights were three male REDHEADS (saw one female), three ALEUTIAN geese and six CANADA GEESE. I had to creep up on them, and wait for sudden bursts of sunlight as the clouds were still rolling pretty deep.

Not too many people out there, probably due to the inclement weather. I also saw four CASPIAN TERNS bathing in the overflow on the beach.

I had a fun time with those geese. They allowed me to get very close. I love it when they cooperate! Pictures on my flickr site...  http://www.flickr.com/photos/28154077@N02/

Bird on,
Tom Slater

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