Clay-colored Sparrow at Arroyo Laguna

Kevin Zimmer

While searching for the golden-plovers at Arroyo Laguna this morning (Sunday 12/1) , I found and photographed a Clay-colored Sparrow, which represents one of only a handful of December records of the species for SLO County.  The bird was teed-up in a shrub along the rim of the cliff above the beach, at least 0.5 mile to the south of the creek mouth/lagoon at Arroyo Laguna, and within 100 m or so of an obvious rocky point.  

I also made quick checks of the creek mouths at Little Pico and San Simeon creeks.  The only birds of particular interest at either spot were 4 female Hooded Mergansers in the lagoon at San Simeon Creek mouth.

Kevin Zimmer

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