Band-tailed Pigeon

Karen Clarke <seachest@...>

Regarding Band-tailed Pigeon sightings, they have been present in the
forests of Cambria the last two years. I first sighted 1 on Weymouth St.
(east side of Hwy 1) March 8, 2000. A week later there were 6-8 at a bird
feeder in the Liemert Tract of Cambria. March 26 I counted 15 at the feeder
in my backyard on Moonstone Beach Dr. in Cambria. Since that date, 3 have
been present in my backyard at some time during the day. They are very wary
and bolt easily.

Last weekend as I searched for a Bell's Vireo in the Santa Clara River at
the Hwy 101 bridge (Ventura Co.) I spotted 5 Common Ravens flying low.
Remembering the email declaring Ravens as far west as the Hwy 101 bridge in
Santa Maria highly unusual, I discounted these birds as ravens. They had to
be crows, but then I heard one of them vocalize. Definitely raven in
timbre. Earlier I had been on Hwy 1 where it abuts Mugu Naval Air Station
and the Pacific Ocean. As I occupied myself spotting birds and watching the
Mugu air show, I spotted 4-5 dark birds soaring over the summit of the
adjacent Coreopsis covered hills. I could not make a clear ID of Common
Raven, however, I thought it unusual for a crow to soar with unflapping
wings minutes at a time. I now believe these birds to be the same ravens I
saw at the Santa Clara River site. Also at the Santa Clara R. site I came
upon a cage used to capture Brown-headed Cowbirds.

Karen C.

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