Morro Bay to North Coast

Kevin Zimmer

I made a quick check of several spots around the South Bay today before heading up to San Simeon Creek.

At high tide (ca. 1000h) there was an impressive concentration of ca. 400 Least Sandpipers on the easternmost Turri Road pond. There were also 119 Semipalmated Plovers and 6 Snowy Plovers in amongst the curlews, godwits, Sanderlings, and Black-bellied Plovers on the beach near the mouth of Old Creek in Cayucos.

There was 1 Lesser Yellowlegs loosely associated with 8+ Greaters in the Salicornia at Sweet Springs in Los Osos.

San Simeon Creek mouth had 6 Cackling Geese. Of these, 4 had conspicuous white neck rings and looked like classic Aleutian types; 1 had an inconspicuous white neck ring; and the other, which had no apparent neck ring, was also smaller and darker looking overall, and looked more like a minima-type. There were also 3 Royal Terns on the beach nearby.

Kevin Zimmer

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