Montana De Oro State ParK


It was quite an experience leadng a hike with kids on the Valencia Peak
trail today. At 700 ft. elevation an adult golden eagle suddenly
appeared at eye level out of the windblown fog at a 50 foot distance, a
red-tailed hawk in the air screaming at it.
Below a northern harrier flew low over the brush. A pair of white-tailed
kites are nesting in a patch ot taller coffeberry shrubs above a canopy
of coastal scrub, at about 300 ft. elevation near the Oats Peak trail.
All three goldfinch species are in the general viciniity of the
Spooner's ranchhouse. Other sightings on the mountain hike today: gopher
snake, yellow-bellied racer, garter snake, rattlesnake (six along the
trail yesterday!), fence lizards, alligator lizards, brush rabbits, and
a coyote.


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