Pismo Lagoon 8-24 beautiful evening

Thomas Slater

While half the county was out watching the whales in Avila (it was pretty cool), I got out to the lagoon in Pismo.
A banded Osprey scoped out the lagoon. I've never gotten that close to one. You might even  be able to read the leg band if  you  know what to look for?
3 Red-necked Phalaropes, a spotted sandpiper, and two short-billed dowitchers (short I think?) that also allowed me to get within 10' of them. Got two closeup shots of Osprey and Dowitcher on photostream.
Many elegant terns out there still with regular shore birds as well. Even saw a black phoebe at the very dead-end of the lagoon on the log.
Was hunting for a Forsters Tern but no dice. Any ideas on a good place to catch a view of one? Thanks!

Did anyone else sign up for Pelagic trip with Sac Audubon in Monterey? Can't wait!

Tom Slater, Nipomo


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