Montana De Oro State Park

Steve Schubert

Hello all,
This morning three large falcons swept by at high speed along the coastal bluffs at Corallina Cove. I got my binoculars on one of the falcons in the dense gray fog and had the impression it was a juv. PEREGRINE FALCON. Three of the past four weeks - once over a period of three consecutive days - my co-worker Dean Thompson and I have seen adult peregrine falcons in Montana De Oro. Single individuals or a pair of falcons in flight have been observed at the coastal bluffs, flying inland along Islay Creek drainage near Spooner's Ranchhouse and the campground, and up on the mountain slopes along the Valencia Peak trail. There is a known peregrine nesting site to the south on the coastal bluffs south of Pt. Buchon on PG&E property, but these recent frequent sightings suggest the possibility of another new nesting location somewhere in MDO State Park. I once read something years ago about peregrine falcons nesting on the seacliffs at Spooner's Cove in the early 1900's.

The last sighting I had of a tan-striped WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at a Camp KEEP bird feeder was on May 1st. I don't know if that was the same individual that overwintered since November, with intermittent sightings continuing through April.

Today, John Flaherty reported a CALIFORNIA CONDOR flying over Coon Creek. He was unaware of the condor sighting reported yesterday, nearby along the Pt. Buchon trail on the coast.

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