Point Buchon California Condor

Peter Gaede

Hi All:

A CALIFORNIA CONDOR flew over the property south of Montana de Oro along the Point Buchon trail this afternoon. It spent about 10 minutes in this area along the coast before circling up and heading east, over the ridge and out of sight. I managed a distant photo with a readable wing tag, so will try and get more info on the bird soon.

It also appears to be an excellent year for GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS here. I counted 12 singing birds in the two miles between the sinkhole and Big Wash. There will undoubtably be additional birds on territory on the property south to the Diablo Canyon Power Plant boundary.

The Point Buchon trail, south of Los Osos and Montana de Oro at the end of Pecho Valley Road, is open 8-5 Thursday thru Monday.

Peter Gaede
Santa Barbara

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