Least Tern, Yellow-headed Blackbirds and wait there's more

Maggie Smith

Early this morning there were 50 to 60 YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD on the big island at Oso Flaco Lake .  All that I saw were adult females or immature males.  At 7:27 they began to vocalize more and lifted off en masse.  A single silent LEAST TERN circled the lake and flew off toward the beach.

Just beyond the lake a  WESTERN WOOD-PEWEE hawked insects.

Two rather late WILSON'S SNIPES were flushed from the drainage ditch near the parking area.

A YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT sang its extensive repertoire, but was not seen.  It was heard near the willows on the right  side of the old road  after it curves and heads west.

Later at Avila just before the Cal Poly Pier a previously reported adult breeding plumaged HARLEQUIN DUCK was hauled up on a rock.

Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

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