Atascadero sightings

Kevin Zimmer

I photographed a pair of Common Mergansers as they circled again and again over our yard along Graves Creek in Atascadero. This is the first time that I have recorded this species from our property in 20+ years of living here.

I also had my FOS Ash-throated Flycatcher and Lazuli Bunting for the yard. Several Rufous Hummingbirds continue at our feeders, but the male Black-chinned that was present for 3 days seems to have left following Friday's storm. At least 3 of my 4 White-throated Sparrows were still present as of yesterday (4/15).

Also, Bill Rucci and I checked out the Purple Martins at the intersection of Hwy. 41 (Morro Road) and San Gabriel in Atascadero. Various observers have reported a pair of martins at this site for the past few weeks. We found 4 males and 2 females investigating various cavities in a large sycamore just west of the small bridge on San Gabriel. The birds were very vocal, and at several points 3 of the males appeared to be actively pursuing 1 of the females.

Kevin Zimmer

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